Official Selections & Award Winners

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Winners 2023 9th Annual Web Series Festival Global

2023 Official Selections


Winners 2022 – 8th Annual Web Series Festival Global

Official Selections 2022 – 8th Annual Web Series Festival Global



Childish. – Madi Garcia
The Midwife’s Case Notes in a Time of Contagion – James Fitzmaurice (United Kingdom)
Yellow Lines – Carly Wilkins
Unorganized – Cathleen Simmons
Beyond The Lines – Rahul Chakraborty
Miley Chase The Science – Ace Richard Lasser, Dennis Edwards, Larry Little


King & Pawn – Taylor Olson (Canada)
Farmers – Indonesia – Nyimus Laula, Rizky Rahad (Indonesia)


Sleep With Me – Charles Grenier (Canada)fm
Street Wanderer – Silvia Le Brun and Omar Hechtenkop (Argentina, France)


Unknown Melbourne – Julian O’Shea (Australia)
Almost Christmas – Xinyuan Zhao


How to Series – Francesco Di Giorgio
Orion 1925 – – Eva M. Ingolfsdottir
Dentists Paradox Delilah (Canada)
Toto e Daiana – Riccardo Sai, Anna Elena Pepe, Marco Gambino (United Kingdom)
I DO – Nathalie Schmidt
Diana Web Series – Peter Koevari (Australia)
Flush – Anna Norskov (Denmark)
Lady Ada’s Secret Society – Samantha Wan (Canada)
True Reviews – Kyle Kogan, Laura D’Antoni, Carrie Stett
Sacrifice – Jeevan Nathan (New Zealand, Singapore)
Mars Mission – Pedro L Filizzola, Tarley McCartiney de Sousa (Brazil)
SHINJIKKI’ The Mermaid Who Predict The Future – Chaewoon Park, Jeongmin Choi (Korea)
11:Eleven – Ernesto Naveda (Cuba)
The Arena – season 2 – Jean-François Leblanc (Canada)
Tilt Pinball – Season 2 – Marc Greene (Canada)
Felicity Makes a Friend – Web Series Benjamin Estey
The Cooler Crew – Paige B. Alston, Lily Bowen
Ana Beirut (I Am Beirut) Ghina Abboud, Marie Rose Osta, Amar Sokhen, Bachir Asmar, Jean Pierre Abdayem, Gilbert Karam, Valentina Khawand, Aline Ouais, Sherine Raffoul (Lebanon)
Lucanian Hearts – Iacopo Patierno (Italy)

Congratulations Finalists from

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Denmark, France, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Lebanon, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States

7th Annual Web Series Festival Global Winners 2021

web series grand prize

6th Annual Web Series Festival Global Winners 2020

GRAND PRIZE – A Diary from the Frontline – Directed by Emma Watts

A Diary from the Frontline captures the courage and dogged determination needed to fight an invisible killer in some of our most uncertain times. This surprisingly uplifting series, not only explores the struggles faced by healthcare workers around the world, but also the happiness they find in the most unexpected places.

BEST WEB SERIES – Four More Shots Please! Creator: Rangita Pritish Nandy

The series follows the story of 4 unapologetically flawed women as they live, love, make mistakes and discover what really makes them tick through friendship and shots of tequila in millennial Mumbai.

BEST SCRIPT – Hide Episode 1, written by Jennifer Nash
BEST PILOT – Dear Momma - Directed by Devin Luther and Charlie Taylor
Connecting life stories from around the globe to show that we are more al

BEST TRAILER – Generation Hops –Directed by  David Sabbath

Generation Hops is a television journalism series devoted to the emergence of the craft beer industry, but is equally balanced with stories of culture, community and love and life.

2019 Winners List

Grand Prize Winner!

The Twist EP1 (5:00, Australia)
Director – Brendan J Doyle
Producer – Navid Bahadori
Logline – An animated short form documentary series that brings to life some of Australia’s’ most intriguing true crime stories.


OKStupid (8:10, USA)
Director – Amber Brooke Wallace
Producer – Tammy Wallace
Logline – When April finds out she is going through pre-menopause at the age of 29, her impulsive roommate Jess convinces her to use dating apps as a free ‘sperm bank’ to help her conceive before her eggs run out. A modern dark comedy about life expectations


Shebbie’s Live Life Series EP-Tonga (4:10, Tonga)
Director – Justin Edelman
Producer – Dominic Haxton
Logline – Follow along as she proves that living life to the fullest is possible no matter what life struggles you have faced.

Best ScriptDoppelgänger by Mark Dispenza

After an introverted teen loses the girl he loves to suicide, she is replicated by an alien A.I. of immense power and unknown purpose that seduces him into protecting her from a secret government agency that’s determined to have her at any cost.

2018 Winners List

2017 Winners List

2016 Winners List
$1,000.00 Grand Prize Winner  – Bad News Pairs by Matt Clifford
Category Winners:
Best Action – The Offensive
Best Actor – Ryan Eggold in Zero
  Best Actress – Elise Eberle in Zero
Best Animation – Paper Cuts TV Ep 4
Best Cast – Humane Resources S1
Best Cinematographer – Darkstone
Best Comedy – Sisters and Misters
Best Director – Al Saamidoon // The Ones Left Standing
Best Documentary – Stories of youth – a portrait of a generation
Best Drama – Forbidden Truth
Best E/I – 40 Weeks…..and a half
Best Editor –  How To Make It In: Berlin
Best Fantasy – A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E.
Best Horror – 20 Seconds to Live
Best Interactive – A Single Girl’s Guide To…
Best LGBT – Starting From Now
Best Musical The Fireturtles an Indie Rockumentary

Best Producer – Sin Verguenza
Best Science Fiction – Journeyman
Best Script – Bad News Pairs (Grand Prize Winner)
Best Student – Midnight with Met
Best Suspense – RAPT
Best Talk Show – Heydays Vintage TV
Best VFX – Zero   

2015 Winners List
$1,000.00 Grand Prize Winner  – Kittens In A Cage

Category Winners:
Best Action – Arde Lucas 
Best Actor  – John Rhys – Young Badlands 
Best Actress  – Gaia Socdellaro – Vera Bes 
 Best Animation – The Little Cousteau 
 Best Cast – Cam Girls  
 Best Childrens – this category added for 2nd Annual
 Best Cinematographer – Muscovites  
 Best Comedy – Down with David 

 Best Cooking Show – Ya! All In Your Grill 
 Best Director – Elliot Lindsey, The Saddlemaker   
 Best Documentary – Poverty Inc.  
 Best Drama – The Leaf 
 Best E/I – World Wind Tours  
 Best Editor – The Source 
 Best Fantasy – Gifted Corporation 
 Best Horror – Sold
 Best Interactive – Portal  
 Best LGBT – God Particles 
 Best Musical – The Banker 
 Best Producer – Melanie McKechie – Young Badlands 
 Best Science Fiction aka SyFy– Gaia the Web Series  
 Best Script – Mission Hope  
 Best Talk Show – Dr. Luciana Show 
 Best VFX – Phoenix Run